Pos3/5/FNB: How to Turn on 2nd Display (LCD Customer Screen)

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Question :

I bought a new Monitor to use as POS 2nd Display (LCD Customer Screen), how to setup?

Solution :

1. Right click on Desktop > Display settings

2. Multiple displays set to Extend these displays

3. Keep Changes

4. Login POS > More Function > Configuration > Device Setting > tick Show LCD Customer Display > OK

If you would like to play other files/videos, check the checkbox of Separate item display and URL screen. More info: https://wiki.autocountsoft.com/wiki/Pos3/5/FNB:_Play_youtube_video_in_terminal

5. Exit POS & relaunch the application. 2nd display will open automatically on 2nd LCD.

By: CK 20221014, Jacky 20221021, P221027 [000361]

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