Pos3/5/FNB: How to link Credit Card Terminal (A920) to POS

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Question :

How to link Credit Card Machine (A920) to POS / FnB system?

Solution :

Example: Hardware spec:

Credit Card Machine PAX A920

Setup Steps:

1. Download PAX library from shared link


Download 2 folders:

Simulator POS for A920 and IM30

USB Driver for A920 and IM30 > Windows Driver

2. Before installing the terminal driver, make sure to plug in the terminal first.

3. Extract shared zip file & double click to install and Run USBDriver.exe. Follow the installation instructions to complete the terminal driver installation

4. Once completed the driver installation, go to Device manager > Ports (COM & LPT). You will see two USB Virtual Serial Port (PAX & Daemon PAX). Use the one highlighted in red. Do take note that the virtual com port number may change when terminal is replaced or when the USB is unplugged from the POS.

5. Right click on the Virtual Com Port > Right click Properties > Port Setting tab > Advance... > uncheck the “Use FIFO buffer” option > OK.

Uncheck the FIFO buffers so that your system able to communicate with the terminal.

6. Run program call Hercules_328.exe

7.Go to Serial tab > set Name (my sample is COM4) > Open

8. Make sure CD, DSR & CTS light is lit in green color. If it does not lit, call your device provider to enable the Modem service.

9. After checked, please click 'X Close'

Link & Payment Steps:

1. Login POS > More Function > Configuration Setting > Device Setting 2 tab > set Credit Card Machine (my sample is COM4) > Test > OK > OK > Fully Exit & re login

2. Login POS create new Transaction > payment Credit Card (F5) > Revenue Credit Card

After successfully setup the com port, Revenue Credit Card button will be enabled during payment by credit card. User may choose credit card type. It will send the transaction to credit card machine and request customer to insert card. Once the transaction succeeded the credit card machine will return the Credit Card Number, Expiry Date and Approval Code to POS system and auto save and generate receipt for customer.

By: CK 20221014, Jacky 20221021, P221027 [000360]

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