Pos3/5/FNB: Sync error column Description hit MaxLength limit

Question :

When syncing, I received an error as shown below. How to solve it?

Cannot set column 'Description'. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column.

Possible Reason :

The description contains enormous value that does not match current limit of the description column. This is normally a result of copy and paste from excel format.

Solution :

1. login AutoCount POS/Accounting Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query > Yes > enter below query statement > Execute.

select * from Item where Description like '%'+char(13)+'%' or Description like '%'+char(10)+'%'

select * from Item where Desc2 like '%'+char(13)+'%' or Desc2 like '%'+char(10)+'%'

2. Having identified item listing as shown in query result, go to stock item and edit their description. Try not to copy paste from other source.

3. Perform speed sync again.

By: CK 20230523, Jacky 20230622, P230626 [000422]

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