Pos3/5/FNB: Unable to select terminal id after assigned location

Question :

I have create a new terminal (T05) and assigned a location for it. But after done sync configuration at my POS5/F&B system, why I unable to select my terminal id that I assigned for that location? Any idea?

Unable to select terminal

Possible Reason :

Your POS server monitor for that location sync method has selected no sync.

Solution :

1. Go to your server pc open POS Server Monitor

2. Select your sync Profile Name then click the Edit button

3.Select that Location you have assigned terminal then click the Edit button.

4. Change the sync method to ‘Sync

After changed, go to your POS/F&B system redo sync configuration again , and you can choose your terminal id at your specified location.

By: SengHoong 20221028,Jacky 20230301 [000391]

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