Pos3/5/FNB: When I scan item the system goes directly to payment

Question :

When I scan some item it goes straight away to cash payment & print out reciept, why?

Possible Reason :

This is because you have enabled spacebar payment function, and your item code contains spaces, or your barcode scanner by default is set with certain read command that causes the effect.

Solution :

1. open Windows Notepad > use scanner to scan the codes > press Ctrl + A

If you see any result like the 3 types above, it will trigger payment.

Sample A: ‘00001 ’, has space at the end.

Sample B: ‘00 001’, has space in the middle.

Sample C: ‘ 00001’, has space in the beginning .

2a. Go to AutoCount stock to remove all spaces in item code & reprint all label sticker or untick Use spacebar to make cash payment function.

2b. If it is not the issue of stock item maintenance or printing, and you need to use the spacebar payment shortcut function, then it could be your hardware scanner problem, try to use other scanner.

For POS 5.0/F&B:

1.Go to POS Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > Terminal Setting Maintenance > select correct Option ID > Edit

2. Click Document Control 2 tab > untick Use spacebar to make cash payment > OK

3. At outlet system perform speed sync & re login again.

For POS 3.0/3.1:

1. Login POS > More Function > Configuration Setting > Document Control 2 tab > untick Use spacebar to make cash payment > OK

2. Re login again.

By: CK 20211013, Jacky 20211022, P211025 [000260]

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