Pos3/Pos5/FNB: : How to set Multi Prices for Different Outlets & Members Level?

Question :

AutoCount 1.8/1.9 has only price 1 & 2 but AutoCount 2.0/POS 5.0 has price 1 to 6. My company has many outlets & each outlet has few own member level prices, how can I control it?

Solution :

A.For every outlet different prices you can use POS Price Plan.

1. Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Price Plan Maintenance

2. Set Filter Option* > Edit > enter selling price for every outlet > Save

  • From Date: when system start use this special price.

B.For every member level different prices you can use Member Type.

1. Bonus Point > Member Type Maintenance

2. Click New > entry Member Type > OK

3.After you created multi member types go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > Member Price Maintenance

4.Select Item > Take Member Type > Edit > set Fixed Price for every member type > OK

C.For every member you need to make sure he/she was mapping to correct Member Type.

1.Go to Bonus Point > Member Maintenance

2.Make sure your Member No. and Member Type are correct. If found any mistake, click Edit > assign correct Member Type > OK

Note: If you need this Member at A.Outlet purchase the goods at A.Price, when go to B.Outlet purchase same goods but at B.Price. You must create a new Member No. and assign correct Member Type.

3.After Done all setting please perform sync to terminal

By: CK 20210826 , Jacky 20210921, P210927 [000243]

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