Report Design: How to show the word ‘REPRINT’ for reprint Invoice

Question: How to show the word ‘REPRINT’ for invoice that I already printed before?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Can be done by using Formatting Rules Editor in report design.

1) Go to Sales > Invoice, click on Report > Design Document Style Report.

2) Select the report and click on Design.

3) Drag out a new label, go to Property Grid > Behavior, set the Visible to No.

4) Click on Formatting Rules from Appearance or you may click on the label’s small arrow > Formatting Rules.

5) Click on Edit Rule Sheet…

6) Click on (+) to Add a formatting rule.

7) Set Data Source as Invoice, and Data Member as 1 Data Member: Invoice Master, then click on Condition.

8) Click on Fields, and double click on Print Count, then set >0 which means it will show only if it was printed before this, then click on style='color:red'>OK.

9) Set the Visible to Yes and you may give a name for this formatting rule, then click on Close.

10) Click on (>) to apply this rule. Then click on OK.

11) You may double click on the label to change the wording, or click on the label’s small arrow, and change the wording for Text.

12) Go to File > Save As…, name a new report name and click on Save.

13) The REPRINT will only be shown if you have printed the document before.

First print, no REPRINT wording.

Second print, with REPRINT wording.

By: Soh Wee 220811, Lay Swan 220826, P220829

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