Stock: Can I limit the user to view only own default location for Stock Report

Question: Can I limit the user to view only their own default location for stock card report and stock balance report?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

User “test” default location is 2. Currently he can view all location.

Answer :

Yes, you will need to enable the “Filter by Current User Location” access right at system option policy and grant user access right “Filter by Current User Location”.

1) Go to Tools > System Option Policy, check Enable “Filter by Current User Location” Access Right.

2) Go to General Maintenance > Access Right Maintenance (2.0) or General Maintenance >User Maintenance > Access Right (1.9), AutoCount Accounting > System > Behaviors > Filter by Current User Location, grant the access right to this user.

Now the user can view only Location 2 in the report.

If you wish to set the user can only create transaction for their default location, you need to check Enable “Filter by Currency User Location” In Data Entry in System Option Policy.

Now when the user create transaction, they will not able to select other locations.

By: Park Yao 220919, Lay Swan 220923, P220926

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