Troubleshooting:Delete AP Payment error - This document was posted from A/P Payment, you must go A/P Payment to delete it

Question: Error message prompted out ‘This document was posted from A/P Payment, you must go A/P Payment to delete it’ when deleting an AR Payment? What can’t I delete an AR Payment?

Version: 1.8

Possible Reason:

When knocked off Purchase Invoice or Debit Note, you have keyed in discount amount for a particular Purchase Invoice or Debit Note (Refer to Image 1). System will auto create CN to Knock off the Purchase Invoice or Debit Note that posted from A/P Payment (Refer to Image 2). Thus, you couldn’t delete the A/P Payment as it is linked to an APCN.

Image 1

Image 2


Note: If you are customer, please refer to your dealer.

1. BACKUP the account book.

2. Install SQL management studio or login to AutoCount SQL Management Studio.

3. Run the query as below to find out which CN no is linked with this A/P Payment:

Select * From APPayment Where DocNo='PV-00001'

note that pv-00001 is the document number.

4. From the result, you can check which CN the PV is referred to.

5. From the screenshot above, it shows that there is an CN linked with this AP Payment because it has ReferCNDocKey, ReferCNDocDate and ReferCNDocNo

5. Run the query below to clear the linkage between A/P Payment and CN:

Update APPayment set ReferCDocKey=, ReferCNDocDate=,ReferCNDocNo= Where DocNo='PV-00001'

6. After run the query, you may delete the related AP Payment & CN.

By: Hui Yan 180413, KM 80416, P180427

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