Troubleshooting: AOTG dashboard is blank

Question : AOTG dashboard is blank when login? I am the ‘Administrator’ for AOTG.

Possible Reason :

Your username is not assigned to access group of Administrator.

Solution :

1) Click on the Setting icon on top right, and select Administration.

2) Click on Access Group.

3) Click on Edit icon at the Administrator row to edit this Access Group.

4) Click on Authority Users tab, look for the username that you used to login. Check the checkbox of the username. Then click on Save.

5) Logout AOTG and login again, you should be able to see your dashboard.

Please refer to the below link for How to set Dashboard.

AOTG: How to set AOTG Dashboard

By : Michelle 200815, Lay Swan 200824, P200826

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