Troubleshooting: Closing Stock amount in Profit & Loss Report not same as Stock Value Maintenance amount (Not using Live Stock)

Question: Closing Stock value in Profit & Loss Report is not tallied with total amount in Stock Value Maintenance. I didn’t enable use live stock balance. Why?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

There is amount previously maintained at Top Level Project.


1) In Profit and Loss Statement, use Project comparison to view closing stock amount for each project.

You will notice that GSC closing stock is totalled 10000, but its sub project (offline & online) sum up is not totalled to 10000. Suspected project GSC (top level) has keyed in stock value amount too (which should not be).

2) To view the real problem, first try to move all sub projects under GSC to the same level of GSC. At Project Maintenance, select sub-project offline and click on Set as Top Level. Do the same step for sub-project online.

Now, GSC, offline and online are in the same level.

3) Go to Stock Value Maintenance, you will notice that GSC project has a amount of 5000.00 instead of 0.00. This is not correct, so, remove the amount and click on Save.

4) After removed the amount, go back to project maintenance, drag and move Offline and Online under GSC to make them become sub-projects again.

5) Preview Project Comparison in Profit and Loss Statement, now closing stock value of project GSC total is equal to project offline + project online.

When you preview This Year report format, closing stock total is 9000, which is tallied with total amount at Stock Value Maintenance.

By: Park Yao 230316, Lay Swan 230323, P230323

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