Troubleshooting: Imported Service Sales account no. is empty or invalid

Question : Failed to save Purchase Invoice with tax code IMSV-6, system prompted error “Imported service Sales account no. is empty or invalid. Please maintain Imported Service Sales account no. at SST Setting ->Imported Service -> Credit Account No.”

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

Imported Service Sales Account No. is not defined or not updated in SST setting.

Solution :

Go to Tax > Tax Code Maintenance > Configure Malaysia SST > SST Option > SST Settings > Imported Service tab, define the Credit Account No (usually refer to account no. which has defined tariff code.)

Note: No amount shall be posted to this Sales account, it is for the purpose of capturing its tariff code.

By : Ju Lee 190301, Lay Swan 190319, P190322

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