Troubleshooting: Supplier Invoice GST amount is different with GST amount in AutoCount

Question: I’ve received a supplier invoice with the GST amount is 151.19, but when I keyed in into system, the GST amount is 151.20, why there is a difference of 1 cent?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible reason:

Different software has their own calculation for rounding method, that’s why the amount can be slightly different.


To make sure the GST amount is same with supplier invoice, make the adjustment in GST adjustment column.

1. In new Purchase Invoice, right click on the column area, then select the Column Chooser.

2. Look for column “GST Adjustment”, and double click on it.

3. Then, the GST Adjustment column will appear at the column list as shown below.

4. Enter amount into column GST Adjustment column to adjust the difference of GST amount. E.g., system shows amount as 151.20, but the exact amount from supplier invoice is 151.19. Enter the amount as -0.01 make sure the GST amount is the same.

So, you must reduce the amount by 0.01 as follows:

5. Finally, your GST amount is changed to 151.19.

By: Azirah 171102, KM 171108, P171110

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