User Maintenance

This is the place you can maintain users, their passwords and access rights.

Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance


User Maintenance

Click on the new if you wish to add a new user ID.

The only and default user is ADMIN, which is belonged to user group ADMINS.

This user is given absolute access rights to all menus, forms and functions.

If you are the only user of this software, there is no need to add any more user.

To add a new user, click on Add New User,



User Login ID: key in user's ID not more than 10 characters. The ID will be used to login AutoCount.

User Name: key in user's name.

Password: key in password for this User ID. The password must have at least 4 characters. (The length and strength of password setting can be changed at Tools > Options > General > Security Policy)

Confirm Password: retype the password again. The system will alert you if it does not match the value in Password.

Password Age: decide either 'Password never expired' or will 'Expired after _ days'.

Active: this is to activate/deactivate the User ID. When this checkbox is unchecked, it usually means the user is no longer with the company (not active).

Department: key in the name of department this user is working at.

Email Address: key in user's email address.

Network User Type: Decide this user will run under which user type.

Full System: the user will have all the access right

Account Only: the user can do only accounting part such as G/L, AR & AP.

Stock Only: the user can do only stock, sales and purchase.

Signature: right click to load the signature that was scanned/saved in image file format, such as Bitmap, Jpeg, JIG... This signature can be printed on documents that need signature.

Ribbon button


Copy From/Copy To: this is use to Copy Default Value, Copy User Group, Copy Credit Control, Copy Filter Control, Copy Direct Access Rights for a new User ID

Remove Existing Value when Copying: this is use to remove values as above (Default Value, User Group, Credit Control, Filter Control & Direct Access Right) when copying.


User Info Tab

Default Value:


The section you can set the default location, default project and department for the User ID.

Filter by Created User: Check to only able to access documents that is created by this user ID only.

Filter by Last Modified User: Check to only able to access documents that last modified by this user ID only.


Credit Control

This is to set the increment percentage of credit limit and overdue limit (of debtors) that this user can approve.

To use this, first go to Debtor Maintenance, select a debtor, click on Credit Control....Select Controlled by credit term, and choose 'Need Password' for If exceed credit limit...


For example:

Sales Credit Limit Increment Percentage is 10% for this user, and the Credit Limit for Debtor C is RM 10,000…

This user can issue and save invoice to this debtor up to RM 11,000 (total outstanding) ... i.e. RM 10,000 with increment percentage of 10%.

If user tries to save an invoice resulting to total outstanding > RM 11,000 ..... the following screen will be prompted...


The Outstanding Amount (15,257.64) has exceeded Increased Credit Limit (11,000) = Exceeded Credit (4257.64). This invoice will need approval (using user password) from a user ID that has higher Credit Limit Increment Percentage.. else it will not allow to be saved.

If the approving user (let's say: ADMIN) does not have enough Increment Percentage, the following message will be prompted:


To allow 'unlimited approval rights' or to allow an user to approve all Credit Limit Violation cases without limit, go to General Maintenance > Access Right Maintenance,

- click on Access Rights

- look into System > Credit Control

- assign to him the following access rights (whichever applicable)

Can Approve Sales Document Credit Limit Control

Can Approve Sales Document Overdue Limit Control

Can Approve Purchase Document Credit Limit Control

Can Approve Purchase Document Overdue Limit Control


Click on the apply for the access right.

User Group


Here you may click on Add to add this user to an earlier maintained user group. A user can belong to more than one user group or none of the groups. When a user is assigned with a user group, we can set his access right by user group or/and by user.

Filter By Agent


Filter By Sales/Purchase Agent: this checkbox will be checked automatically if the control is activated at Document Control By Agent page.

This function will set a limitation to the billing document and reports that are accessible by this user. E.g. set Filter by Sales Agent: David and Peter, it means this user can only access to billing documents of these two agents. To activate this function on this user, just check on the checkbox "Filter by Sales Agent". To add filtering agent, click on Maintain to select agent(s), then Save. The same applies to Filter By Purchase Agent.

Filter By Account


Filter By Account: This function is similar to the filter by agent module. It set a limitation to the account no that are accessible by this user. E.g. set Filter by Account No: 911-1000 Interest Expense, it means this user still able to select the account no but no able to view the transaction details for this account no. To activate this function on this user, just check on the checkbox "Filter by Account No". To add Account No, click on Maintain Account No, select the account no, then Save.

Access Right Tab

Direct Access Right: This is the access right that is applied directly using user ID.

Effective Access Right: This is the access right applied either through user ID or user Group. As long the user has access right to a particular function, the effective access right should be checked.

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