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Question: When I create a new AR invoice, and tick “After save, proceed with new invoice entry”, after save, all document information will be copied to the next new AR Invoice. How to disable this function?

For Example:

I create new A/R Invoice entry, with Next Possible No: I-000040 as follow:

When I Save, the new prompted AR Invoice, will copy all the details in I-000040 as follow:

Answer :

This is the function called Easy Entry Setting in the plug in.

1) Create New AR Invoice Entry and click on Setting.

2) There are two options, which is
• Open AR Easy Entry Setting
• Enable Easy Entry (Ctrl + E to Open Shortcut List)

3) If you wish to disable the function, you may uncheck the 2nd option. After save, the new AR Invoice will not copy any field from previous AR Invoice.

4) But if you wish to copy only Master field to next AR Invoice, you need to select the 1st option.

5) In the Easy Entry Setting, you need to check the field that do not wish to copy to next new document at Clear tab.

6) After check, click on Save, and OK, then close the Easy Entry Setting screen.

7) Now, when you save a new AR Invoice, it will proceed to new AR Invoice and the detail of columns will not be copied.

By : Azirah 190109, Lay Swan 210311, P210324

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