A's Entry Troubleshooting: This Cash Book Payment Voucher document still in edit mode by ADMIN

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Question : When I try to view or edit Cash Book Spreadsheet, error message prompted: This Cash Book Payment Voucher document still in edit mode by ADMIN. What should I do?

Possible Reason :

This document is being viewed or edited by someone. Each spreadsheet allows only 1 user view/edit at each time.

Solution :

Go to A’s Entry Plugin > Spreadsheet Entry Document User Log, to see who is editing or viewing the spreadsheet.

Other user may access to this spreadsheet only after the current user has closed the spreadsheet document.

If the current user claims he is not view or editing that document, you may select the entry and click on Delete Log. After that, you should be able to view and edit the spreadsheet.

Note : Delete Log will be needed in some rare unexpected scenario, for example: computer was hang and AutoCount was forced to close by using End Task, and user did not close the spreadsheet before that.

By : John 200811, Lay Swan 200823, P200824

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