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Question : I am AutoCount user, I wish to try for AOTG. From Facebook, I saw there is a “Auto Free Trial” which I can get the free trial account immediately. How can I get it?

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Answer :

For AutoCount user who has temporary/permanent license, you may get the free trial account from AOTGConsole.
(This function only applicable in AOTG Client version 1.2.19015.11001 (for AutoCount 1.9.5) and above.)

1) Install AOTG Client and open AOTG Console to do configuration.
Refer to this link for installation and configuration :

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Auto free3.png

2) After configured, select the account book and click on Trial Activation.

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3) Fill in all the information and click on OK.

License To : Company Name
UserId : AOTG login ID (Email)

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4) You’ve successfully activated the account book.

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5) You will receive an email saying AOTG account is created and another email showing the activation code. From that email, you may click the link to set your password, and start log in.

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There is an alternative way to register AOTG account, which is signup an account at AOTG Facebook or at AOTG website (

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1) If you signed up account at AOTG Facebook or AOTG website, you will receive an email for the activation code in 3 working days.

2) Install AOTG Client, do configuration at AOTGConsole and activate the account book.

By : CK 190129, Lay Swan 190215, P190218

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