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Question: How does AOTG Monitor work


When the salesman creates a new transaction, HQ will be notified and proceed the delivery of stock soonest possible. The latest version of AOTG (0.1) will only notify the creation of Sales Order and Invoice.

To enjoy this new feature, User needs to login AutoCount Accounting and install AOTG version 0.1 .

1. Go to Tools > Plugin Manager;

2. Click on Install > select app > Open;

3. Click on Install,

4. Click on OK after the plugin installed successfully.

5. Click on X to exit from Plug-In Manager.

6. Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance;

7. Click on Access Rights > AOTG Monitor > Setting; grant access rights to the desired user who wish to receive the notification message and then click on Apply.

8. Go to AOTG Monitor Plugin > Setting;

9. Click on Start Monitor;

10. When salesman creates a new transaction.

11. AutoCount Backend will be prompted a notification message.

By: CK 180614, KM 190618, P180628

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