AOTG: How to Add Branches & Tax Exemption for Debtor or Creditor in AOTG

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Question : I want to add branches and tax exemption for Debtor through AOTG, but when I edit the Debtor I can’t find the Branches and Tax Exemption field. How can I add it?

New branches1.png

Answer :

Layout of AOTG and Desktop AutoCount are different.

1) In AOTG, you need to click on View New branches2.png icon instead of Edit.

New branches3.png

2) After view, there are Details, Branches, and Tax Exemption tab. Click on Branches and click on +Branch.

New branches4.png

3) Fill in the information and click on Save.

New branches5.png

4) New branch is added.

New branches6.png

For Tax Exemption, click on Tax Exemption tab and click on +Exemption

New branches7.png

Fill in details and click on Save.

New branches8.png

By : CK 181201, Lay Swan 190103, P190109

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