AOTG: How to Setup Mobile Printer for AOTG

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Question: I’ve purchased a new Bluetooth Mobile Printer, how to connect the mobile printer with my mobile phone in order to print out receipt from AOTG?


1. Turn on the Bluetooth print and get Bluetooth Printer basic info.

Setup printer1.jpg

2. To do pairing for printer and mobile phone, go to Bluetooth Setting of your phone, do paring > select Bluetooth > key in Bluetooth PIN > OK.

Note: Different brand of phone may have its own setting.

3. Printer successfully connected to phone.

Setup printer2.jpg

4. Go to AOTG app > Setup printer3.jpg

Setup printer4.jpg

5. Click on Setup.

Setup printer5.jpg

6. Fill in Bluetooth mac address (refer to step 1) and click on SAVE.

Setup printer6.jpg

7. Now, you may find back your bill > click on Setup printer7.jpg

Setup printer8.jpg

8. Click on Export or Print.

Setup printer9.jpg

9. Select report template and click on Print.

The bill will be downloaded into phone and printer will print out the bill automatically.

Note: Some devices may require to do pairing & fill in the pin every time.

Setup printer10.jpg

Please make sure your report name is started with ‘AOTG_TEXT XXX’

AOTG_TEXT XXX format has been prefixed as Bluetooth printer will be triggered when you export out those reports.

Setup printer11.jpg

By: CK 180411, KM 180606, P180612

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