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Question: How to create External User ID for AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) with the following accesses?

- Create/Edit/Print/View Sales Order

- Print/View Sales Order Listing

- Print/View Sales Invoice

- Print/View Sales Invoice Listing

- Print/View Aging

- Print/View Statement

Answer :

External User ID is meant for your customer to create order by himself using AOTG. This is particularly useful to avoid input error, to allow customer to create order anytime anywhere and thus more efficient.

1) Login AOTG > Debtors, click on the View icon against the respective debtor.

External user1.png

2) Go to Login Credential > Create Account.

External user2.png

3) Fill in the following details and click on Save.

External user3.png

User Name: key in a unique login ID. For example: (

Password: login Password

Name: Login ID Name

Email Address: must be a valid email (for reset password purpose)

Contact Number: Login person’s Contact No.

Job Title: Login person’s job position

Active: if unchecked, this Login ID becomes non-active and will be denied from login AOTG.

4) Login AOTG using the newly created User Name and password.

External user4.png

5) Successfully login and you may start making order.

External user5.png

By : CK 190410, P190410

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