AOTG: How to limit External User access rights on AOTG

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Question : Can I control the following debtor access of External User ID when they are using AutoCount On The Go (AOTG)?

- Lock/Hide Layout

- Hide Report Template

- Read/Create/Edit/Print Permissions

Answer :

Yes, and such controls can prevent users from making mistakes.

1) Login AOTG, click on the Setting icon on top right, and select Administration.

2) Go to External User Portal > Debtor Access Control.

3) For columns of Template, Listing Template and Layout, you may directly click on the respective icons; for other columns, click on Edit to change the permission setting.

3a) Setting of access rights for the columns of Report Template & Listing Template.

Check the checkbox of DENY against respective TEMPLATE NAME, then click on Save.

  • Repeat the same steps for any new report template should you wish to deny access by External User.

3b) Setting of access rights for the column of Layout:

Checkbox against the lock icon (): when checked, customer can view, but can’t edit.

Checkbox against the cross screen icon () : when checked, customer can’t see the respective data on screen.

Then click on Save.

3c) Setting of permission for the columns of Read/Create/Edit/Print.

When a checkbox is checked, it means permission granted.

By : CK190410, P190410

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