AOTG: How to limit External User access rights on AOTG

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Question : Can I control the following debtor access of External User ID when they are using AutoCount On The Go (AOTG)?

- Lock/Hide Layout

- Hide Report Template

- Read/Create/Edit/Print Permissions

Answer :

Yes, and such controls can prevent users from making mistakes.

1) Login AOTG, click on the Setting icon on top right, and select Administration.

External access1.png

2) Go to External User Portal > Debtor Access Control.

External access2.png

3) For columns of Template, Listing Template and Layout, you may directly click on the respective icons; for other columns, click on Edit to change the permission setting.

External access3.png

3a) Setting of access rights for the columns of Report Template & Listing Template.

External access4.png

Check the checkbox of DENY against respective TEMPLATE NAME, then click on Save.

  • Repeat the same steps for any new report template should you wish to deny access by External User.

3b) Setting of access rights for the column of Layout:

External access5.png

Checkbox against the lock icon (External access6a.png): when checked, customer can view, but can’t edit.

Checkbox against the cross screen icon (External access7a.png) : when checked, customer can’t see the respective data on screen.

Then click on Save.

3c) Setting of permission for the columns of Read/Create/Edit/Print.

External access8.png

When a checkbox is checked, it means permission granted.

By : CK190410, P190410

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