AOTG: How to trace External User total count on AOTG

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Question : How can I check number of transaction created by External User ID in AOTG during a specific period?

Answer :

View Debtor Charge Audit Trail report.

This report is meant for user to know how many transaction has been create. Knowing the number of transaction created is important as there is a limit according to the package subscribed, and additional charge may incur when number of transaction exceeds the limit.

1) Login AOTG, click on the Setting icon on top right, and select Administration.

2) Go to External User Portal > Debtor Charge Audit.

Debtor: define a specific debtor, or leave it blank to show all records

Date: define the date range

Search: click on this button to execute search

Showing x to y of z entries: means showing record number x to record number y of total z records

By : CK190410, P190410

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