AR: How to import Debtor or Creditor Opening Balance from excel

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Question: How to import Debtor or Creditor Opening Balance from excel?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.1


1) Maintain the excel template as shown below to import ‘Past’ or ‘YTD’ AR Invoice.
Include all outstanding invoices before Actual Data Start Date in the template.

Make sure the Document Date (DocDate) are dates before Actual Data Start Date.

2) Go to File > Import From Excel > Import A/R Invoice.

Remark: Other than import AR Invoice, you may import Past AR Debit Note, AR Credit Note, AR Payment too.

3) Copy the excel spreadsheet as highlighted in colour including header fields.

4) Then click on Paste from Clipboard.

5) The result will be shown as below, then click on Import.

6) You should be able to see AR invoices imported successfully.

7) Go to Tools > Manage Fiscal Year, click on update Debtor / Creditor Opening Balance from Past AR and AP Transaction.

Click on Yes.

If you wish to update to Year To Date Balance, you need to click ‘Update Last Month Year-To-Date Balance from A/R and A/P Transactions’.

8) Now the Debtor / Creditor Opening Balance is updated.

By: Soh Wee 231030, Lay Swan 231121, P231121

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