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Question : How to maintain a debtor that has both group and sub companies?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Sub co1.png

Answer :

1) Go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance, create new Debtor Z and check the checkbox of Group Company.

Sub co2.png

2) Create another 2 debtors: Debtor ZA and Debtor ZB, select 300-Z001 Z as Control Account, and check the checkbox of Group Company.

Sub co3.png

Sub co4.png

3) Create 4 more debtors, Debtor ZAA and ZAB will select 300-Z002 ZA as Control Account, Debtor ZBA and ZBB will select 300-Z003 as Control Account.

Sub co5.png

4) You may create some invoices, then go to G/L > Balance Sheet Statement, change the Show up to Level for Debtor Level to 4, then click on Preview.

Sub co6.png

In Balance Sheet Statement, figures of group and sub companies will be displayed.

Sub co7.png

Remark : Group company account shall not carry any transaction/entries (just like Debtor Control account), and it functions just like a parent account.

By : CK 180208, Lay Swan 200506, P200507

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