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Question: I've created a UDF field for AR Receive Payment, how can I show the User Defined Field in my report?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


In Order to show the UDF field in report, you need to use the tag function. The @GetSingleValue Format is as:


TableName – The SQL Table Name that you are trying to access. You can access all the tables in AutoCount using SQL Management Studio.

ColumnName – The SQL Column Name that you wish to pull or capture the data from, usually you have to refer to the SQL Table if the column exists.

Condition – The condition that you wish to set to obtain a value. For example user have many debtor and you wish to capture certain field from Debtor Maintenance, so you will need to specify the condition by Debtor (EG: Debtor = ?). If you have multiple condition, you can add “OR” or “AND” in your condition (EG: Debtor = ? AND IsTaxRegistered = ?)

Format - To specify a format for the value captured. Usually only applicable to decimals, it will follow the decimal setting under Tools > Options > Decimals.

Format Supported:


2.Purchase Price

3.Sales Price



6.Currency Rate

7.Member Point



If no format is needed, just leave the format blank.

Parameter – To specify the value to put in the condition. This parameter name has to use the name from Report Designer (when your mouse point to the column, a name will appear)

Example: To get the AgreeNo from the AR Receive Payment


1. Add in a new blank label somewhere at the Header of the report so that result could be displayed after pulling of data.

2. Fill in the table and column name according to the Get Single Value format into that particular label’s Tag property.

Eg: @GetSingleValue:ARPayment:UDF_AgreeNo:Dockey=?::SourceKey

3. Save and preview your report.

Note: For more details about Tag Function, please refer to the link as below.

How to use tag function in report

By: Soh Wee 171130, KM 171205, P171206

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