AR: Is it possible to show A/R Deposit transaction in the Debtor Statement?

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Question: My customer has paid deposit and I’ve keyed in the transaction in A/R Deposit. But when I print Debtor Statement, the deposit is not shown in Debtor Statement. Is it possible to show the deposit in Debtor Statement?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

A/R deposit will not be shown at Debtor Statement, because the double entry for A/R Deposit is to debit Bank/Cash and credit Deposit Account, It does not involve posting to debtor account.

If you wish to show deposit received in Debtor Statement, you need to record the deposit using A/R Receive Payment instead of A/R Deposit. (delete the entry of AR Deposit, create new entry at AR Receive Payment).

Alternatively, you can transfer the created A/R Deposit to A/R Receive Payment.

1) Create new A/R Receive Payment, select Debtor, and select payment method for deposit account.

2) ‘Select Deposit’ screen will be prompted and now you may select the deposit to transfer and click on OK. You may do knock off for invoices now or later and click on Save.

3) Now the A/R Receive Payment will be shown in Debtor Statement.

By: Lay Swan 220218, P220224

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