AR: What is Group Company under debtor maintenance?

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Question: What is Group Company under Debtor Maintenance?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


If this option is checked, it means this debtor account is the control account of a group company and it will not carry any transaction, it works as a parent account. This debtor account will be allowed to be chosen as control account (appear as one of control accounts in Control Account field of this screen) for other debtors. Example, Debtor Code: 300-A002 AutoCount is checked as group company and billing address is PJ.

       300-000 Debtor Control Account
         300-A002 AutoCount (Group Company, control account is 300-000)
            300-A003 AutoCount2 (control account is 300-A002)

Then, debtor 300-A002 AutoCount can be selected as control account.

Debtor AutoCount2 is created under control account AutoCount and billing address is Klang.

Group company is not the same as branch maintenance (which only shows different delivery address)

In invoice, you can select debtor AutoCount2 only, and cannot select debtor AutoCount as it works as parent account.

Invoices will be billed to sub-accounts respectively,

In debtor statement, you can select whether want to view statement of separate sub-accounts or show Group Company.

In Trial Balance and Balance Sheet, it will appear as parent account if you key in more than 1 in Show up to Level and debtor level.

In Trial Balance, the Group account will appear as parent account

In balance sheet, the Group account will appear as parent account

By: Hui Yan 171005, KM 171009, P171020

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