Access Right Maintenance

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Access Right Maintenance

AutoCount Accounting allows you to set access rights of a user or user group to about 3,145 control items.

Go to General Maintenance > Access Right Maintenance

Click on '+' sign of Autocount Accounting to expand the Access Rights tree.

Set Access Rights to A Particular Function/Command

You may set access rights of functions/commands one by one. This is for greater control though it is more tedious.

Click on the row of designated function. E.g. Create Cash Transaction,

On the right panel, check or uncheck the checkbox(es) of one or more users/user groups, then click on Apply. The users/groups that are allowed to access to this particular function will be listed on Users & Groups column.

Set Access Rights to A Group of Functions/Commands

You may set access rights of functions/commands by a topic group or sub-topic group, which is much easier.

Using Search For Access Rights

If you know the name of a particular function/command, and/or when the same function/command appears in more than one menu, then using Search for Access Rights is definitely a good choice.

Access Rights Report

At Access Right screen, right click on column header,

Select Print Tree List,

Print All Nodes: to expand all nodes

Go to menu

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