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Question: My server computer broke down, I try to activate the product ID on new server, it prompts an error “This product ID is used by other device.”. Why?

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Possible Reason:

This product is activated in another device.


To transfer the license to another device, you need to deactivate the product ID on old device.

In case the old device is not accessible, seek assistance from your software dealer to clear the hardware ID from license portal. Then you will be able to activate the product ID in new device.


  • Maximum 2 times Free Of Charge on deactivation / clearing hardware ID per product ID, per calendar year. Any subsequent deactivation / clearing will need to refer to ACSB’s License Department on charges incurred.
  • The number of deactivation will be reset automatically every year on 01/01/yyyy.

By: Tian Neng 220920, Lay Swan 221025, P221027

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