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Question: Why is my License Control Panel showing Stale State status. and when login account book, it shows trial version with 500 transactions limit?

Possible Reason :

The server computer was unable to get online for license, which could be due to Internet connection, or inaccurate computer date and time.

Solution :

1) Make sure your server computer is connected to internet consistently. You may connect the server computer with a LAN cable to stabilize its internet connection.

If the server computer disconnected from internet or shut down sometimes, please take note of the offline validity date and make sure the server computer is on and has Internet access before this date.

2) Make sure your computer date and time is updated and accurate. You may turn on the automatic time setting or synchronize your clock at the Date & Time page.

If the current date and time are still inaccurate, you may need to turn off automatic time setting and manually set the date and time to be accurate.

3) Manually get online for license
You may look for the AutoCount Server Monitor – a green camera icon at the task bar > right click to select License Setting.

Select your product ID and click on View.

Click on Get Online.

Then the status for this license will be updated.

Note: Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem persists after performing the suggested steps.

By: Jodie 220501, Lay Swan 220519, P220525

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