Accounting 2.0 - License: Why License Control Panel shows Reload Level status?

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Question: Why is my License Setting shows Reload Level status and account book shows under trial version when login?

Possible Reason :

You may have registered more than the number of account books entitled for the license. As for this example the entitled account book is 5 but have registered 6 account books, Free account show -1. All registered account books will be returned to trial version with 500 transactions limit when log in.

Solution :

You may contact your AutoCount Authorized Dealer to assist you in purchase Add On account book or you need to deregister some of the account books in the license.

To deregister, highlight the databases or account books that wish to deregister and click on Deregister. Then click on Yes to confirm to deregister the database. You may re-login the account book and it should be in Permanent license.

By: Rotcana 210915, Lay Swan 210927, P210928

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