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Question : My AutoCount Ver 2.0 product ID already obtained permanent license from your authorized dealer. But when I log in the account book, it still shows trial version with 500 transaction limit. Why?

Possible Reason (1) :

You have not registered this account book to the License.

Solution (1) :

1) At Server, click on show hidden icon and right click on the green camera – AutoCount Server Monitor, and select License Setting.

2) Select your product ID and click on View.

3) Click on Register, fill in your SQL instance name (normally is A2006), then click on Get All Available Databases. After the databases loaded, check the checkbox of the database that you wish to add into License and click on OK. Then click on OK and close the License screen.

4) Then click OK and again OK. Then login again to AutoCount, the license for this account book should be updated.

Possible Reason (2) :

Your total account books registered in License have exceeded the maximum account book limits.

Solution (2) :

At AutoCount Server Monitor > License Setting > View Product ID > Basic, user can see the summary info of all databases or account books that were registered under this product ID. In the beginning the number of Free Account Book should be the same as Total Account Book (Default Account Book + Add On account book), but the number of Free Account Book will be reduced after registration of each account book.

When you see Free Account Book shows negative value, it means you have registered more than allowable account books, and all registered account books will be returned to trial version with 500 transaction limit when log in.

You may contact your AutoCount Authorized Dealers to assist you in purchase Add On account book or you need to deregister some of the account books in the license.

To deregister,

1) Highlight the databases or account books that wish to deregister and click on Deregister. Then click on Yes to confirm to deregister the database.

2) Click on OK.

3) Now the number of Free Account Book becomes 0, means there is no more over-registered.

4) Close the license info until the service restarted. Then login again to AutoCount for the registered account book, it should update to permanent license.

Note : Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem still persists after performing the suggested steps.

By : Soh Wee 200415, Lay Swan 200420, P200422

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