Accounting 2.0 - Login Issue: Login Error - Fail to connect AutoCount Server Service

Question: After I updated AutoCount Accounting to version and login AutoCount, system prompted error ‘Fail to connect AutoCount Server Service’. Why?

Possible Reason (1):

The versions of AutoCount Accounting and AutoCount Server (Backup Server, not updated) does not match. For example, you have installed AutoCount Accounting, but AutoCount Server version is below (it needs at least version to match with AutoCount Accounting

Solution (1):

In this case, install AutoCount Server, you should be able to login AutoCount.

Remark: AutoCount Server after updated will not allow downgrade to lower version.

Possible Reason (2):

AutoCount Server service is not started.

Solution (2):

Please make sure the AutoCount Server service is started and not stopped, you may right click on the icon and click on Start Service.

Possible Reason (3):

Invalid port number or firewall/antivirus block.

Solution (3):

Right click on AutoCount Server icon > AutoCount Server Setting, make sure the Server Port is 19500.

You need to add Windows Firewall/Antivirus exception for AutoCount Server Port.
You may refer to the following link for the steps to add Window Firewall exception.

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By: Lay Swan 220718, P220720

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