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Question : When I login to AutoCount Ver 2.0, system prompted error message “There was no enpoint listening at….” Why?

Backup server1.jpg

Possible Reason :

You’ve not yet installed AutoCount Server at your Server or the service did not start.

Backup server2.jpg

Solution :

If the AutoCount Server is not installed, please contact your software dealer for the installation.

If the service did not start, please follow the below step to start the service :

1) Search with Autocount Server Monitor on windows taskbar search and click on it. The icon will appear at taskbar there.

Backup server3.jpg

2) Click on show hidden icon at taskbar, right click on the icon Backup server6.jpg , and click on start service.

Backup server4.jpg

When the icon is in green colour, which means the service is running.

Backup server5.jpg

Now you should able to login AutoCount.

Note : Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem persists after performing the steps as shown above.

By : Lay Swan 180726, P180731

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