Accounting 2.0 - Prompted Message: Edit Debtor Error - Unknown SQL Exception (Number=9420, Message=XML parsing: line 1, character 209, illegal xml character)

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Question: When I click on save button after editing a debtor, system prompts me an error message, “Unknown Sql Exception (Number=9420, Message=XML parsing: line 1, character 209, illegal xml character)”. Why?

Possible Reason:

There is/are unrecognized xml characters being keyed in debtor information.


Remove the unrecognized xml characters. Before this you need to delete the changelog trigger first in order to successfully save the changes.

1) Search and open SQL Management Studio from window search.

2) Connect SQL Server Management Studio.

3) Find the database that contains the error, then expand the database.

4) Expand Tables.

5) Find a table naming “dBo.Debtor”, then expand the table.

6) Expand Triggers.

7) Select on DebtorChangeLog.

8) Right click on DebtorChangeLog, then click on Script Trigger as > Create To > New Query Editor Window.

Do not close that new query editor windows for now, you will need to use it later.

9) Right click on DebtorChangeLog and select on Delete.

10) Now, you may edit on Debtor and remove the unrecognized xml characters, then click on Save.

11) After user changed the debtor’s information, go back to SQL Management Studio.

12) Execute the query that was created just now.

By: Cit Ta 220809, Lay Swan 220822, P220829

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