Accounting 2.0 - Prompted Message: Error Message - Unable to connect to server

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Question : When I try to a save an invoice for a debtor that has violated credit limit, error prompted: Unable to connect to server. Why?

Possible Reason:

You have enabled Remote Credit Control module. Suspect the violated credit limit notification message size may be larger than the AutoCount Server Setting of 64KB.


1) Locate AutoCount Server Monitor - a green camera icon at the task bar > right click to select AutoCount Server Setting.

2) Try to increase the Notification Message Size (in KB). May put 1000 or above.

3) Try to save the Invoice again, remote credit control request shall be sent to the approver as it supposed to.

By : Soh Wee 200715, Lay Swan 200720, P200720

By: Jodie 231205, Lay Swan 231215, P231218

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