Accounting 2.0 - Prompted Message: The following item codes are not exist, save aborted. (Not Exist Item Code: XXXXXXXXXX)

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Question: When I try to save a document with item code, a message prompted ‘The following item codes are not exist, save aborted. (Not Exist Item Code……). Why?

Item not exist1.png

Possible Reason:

The item code contains spacing, Tab, Enter or special character. This may cause the system not able to detect the Item Code correctly.


Perform backup and change item code.

After backup done, Go to Tools > Change Code > Change Item Code.

Item not exist2.png

Select the item that caused the issue and key in the New Item Code</span, then click on Change</span.


Item not exist3.png

Item not exist4.png

After change Item Code completed successfully, change back to XXXXXXXXXX.

Item not exist5.png

Then you should successfully save the transaction with this item code.

By: Tian Neng 221221, Lay Swan 221223, P221227

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