Accounting 2.0 - Prompted Message: Unable to edit Stock Value Maintenance – Transaction date is locked

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Question: I have the access right to edit Stock Value Maintenance, but why there is message prompted saying transaction date is locked when I key in and save Stock Value Maintenance?

Possible Reason :

2021 December is locked. You may check the Period Lock from Tools > Manage Fiscal Year > Manage Period Lock.

Solution (1):

You need to unlock for 2021 December.

Solution (2):

If you do not wish to unlock 2021 December, you may set Manage Exceptions for Stock Value Maintenance.

Click on 2021 December and click on Manage Exceptions.

Scroll down and look for Stock Value Maintenance. Select user group or name and click on Apply.

Now, you should be able to edit and update the Stock Value for Dec 2021 successfully.

Note: The feature Period lock to lock Stock Value Maintenance with Manage Exception function is applicable only in version or later.

By: Lay Swan 220523, P220525

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