Accounting 2.0 - Sales: Advanced Quotation - Email notification did not send to Approver and Sales Agent

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Question : I’ve set email at Sales Agent with sales agent and approver email address, but why there is no email notification sent to the approver requesting approval for Advanced Quotation and return notification of the status update to the sales agent?

Possible Reason :

User did not maintain correctly Email Setting at Sales Agent Maintenance or did not enable the option ‘Allow send Advance Quotation notification email to approver’ and ‘Allow send Advance Quotation notification email to sales agent’.

Solution (1) :

Go to General Maintenance > Sales Agent Maintenance > Email Setting, maintain your smtp server.

Sample for Gmail Default SMTP Settings as below:

Outgoing mail SMTP Server :
Port : 587
Enable SSL : Check the checkbox
Use name & password to authenticate : Check the checkbox
User Name : Your Gmail address. (e.g.
Password : Your Gmail app passwords

Note : If you have your own SMTP Server, you need to configure it with your SMTP Server information.

You may try Send test email to see if it works successfully.

Having done this, when there is any Advanced Quotation confirmed by the sales agent, email notification will be sent to Approver for approval request and when the approver approved or rejected the Advanced Quotation, the sales agent will receive email for the status of approval.

Solution (2) :

Go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Customize Invoicing 2, check the checkboxes of ‘Allow send Advanced Quotation notification email to approver’ and ‘Allow send Advanced Quotation notification email to sales agent', then click on OK.

By : Ashikin 200416, Lay Swan 200421, P200422

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