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Question: I have wrongly keyed in a number in UDF_WIDTH column, and when I removed the number, system prompted message: “Exception occurred at Invoice Column Changed Formula (formula column name =UnitPrice, change column name =dUDF_WIDTH): Attempted to divide by zero.”

Possible Reason:

You have set formula for unit price with ‘divide’ operator. A decimal number divided by zero will become an error.


You must key in a figure at WIDTH or edit existing formula.

You may check your formula at AutoCount Management Studio.

1) Login AutoCount Management Studio using Admin ID, go to Tools > Formula.

2) Expand Category: Sales, click on Invoice Detail, then click on Edit Formula.

3) Click on UnitPrice, then click into tab Column Changed.
The formula for UnitPrice is d_UDF_HEIGHT /d_UDF_WIDTH
With this formula, should d_UDF_WIDTH is 0, the formula calculation for UnitPrice will have error, because a decimal number cannot be divided by zero.

4) You may try to change your formula to:

Mean that, when UDF_WIDTH is zero, the UnitPrice will be zero too. If UDF_WIDTH is not zero, it will calculate based on the formula d_UDF_HEIGHT/ d_UDF_WIDTH.

5) With the modified formula, when you key in UDF_HEIGHT=80, and UDF_WIDTH=0, system will not prompt the Attempted to divide by zero error, but the Unit Price will be 0. You may key in Unit Price manually.

If you key in UDF_HEIGHT=80, and UDF_WIDTH=10, Unit Price will automatically show 8.

By: Park Yao 230517, Lay Swan 230525, P230529

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