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Question : Why can’t I find item AAA in Invoice? The item is active.

Item nt fnd1.png

Item nt fnd2.png

Possible Reason :

This item is maintained as NOT TO apply in Sales.

Solution :

In version 2.0, there is a new function of “Apply In” in Item Maintenance. This is to determine if the item is to be used in Sales, Purchase, POS, Raw Materials and/or Finished Goods.

1) Go to Stock > Stock Item Maintenance, and edit the item AAA. The “Apply in” for Sales is not enabled (not checked), so it will not appear in Invoice or other sales documents.

Item nt fnd3.png

2) Check the checkbox of Sales, then click on OK to save.

Item nt fnd4.png

3) Now in Invoice, you will be able to see item AAA.

Item nt fnd5.png

By : Azirah 181012, Lay Swan 200407, P200407

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