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Question : After I updated my AutoCount Accounting to version, I am not allowed to View Flow. Why?

Possible Reason :

In version, a new access right is added to control the users to View Flow for sales and purchase documents. By default, this access right is granted to ADMINS and INVMGR group only. For users who are not belonged to either one of these 2 groups, will have their access denied.

Solution :

To grant a user such access right, request your Admin user go to General Maintenance > Access Rights Maintenance > AutoCount Accounting > Invoicing > Sales > Invoice > Can View Flow, check the checkbox of the user you wish to grant such access rights, then click on Apply.

User Aimi should be now able to View Flow in Invoice.

Note : This access right is only available in AutoCount Accounting version or later. Each of sales and purchase document types will have this access right. Thus, you need to grant the access right for each document type.

By : Ashikin 200416, Lay Swan 200420, P200422

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