Accounting 2.0 - Stock: Inconsistent stock balance quantity problem keep happening

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Question: Why is my stock balance quantity always not tally with the total balance quantity at stock item maintenance and can only be solved after run fix inconsistent stock balance quantity problems? It happens very frequently.

Possible Reason :

Suspected that the ItemBatchBalQtyTrans table is stuck due to deletion of item that has item opening. This is a known bug and is fixed in version

Solution :

1) Update to Version or above.

2) Backup your database, login to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio, go to Tools > SQL Query, and run the query as shown below: -

delete from ItemBatchBalQtyTrans

Inconsistent stk1.png

3) After done, go to Data Consistency > Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem, and click on Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem, click on OK after fixed.

Inconsistent stk2.png

Inconsistent stk3.png

4) Now, the problem should be resolved.

By: Jodie 220317, Lay Swan 220329, P220330

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