AutoCount Barcode Troubleshooting: Barcode Printing-Print button is greyed after printing done

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Question: After I clicked on print and the printing is done, why the “Print” button is greyed?

Possible Reason:

The existing printing is using Barcode Template with long description.
When description characters exceeds the maximum characters, it causes Barcode log unable to generate and the progress is not completed. Print button is disabled when such progress is not completed.

The maximum of length for BarcodeTemplateName is 50 in BarcodeLog table.

Solution (1):

Shorten the BarCode Format Maintenance’s description.

Solution (2):

Extend the maximum length for the column BarCodeTemplateName in BarCodeLog table.

1) Search and open SQL Management Studio from window search.

2) Click the database name and Execute the below query:


3) Now, after the first print done, log is successfully generated and the print button is enabled.

By: Park Yao 220816, Lay Swan 220826, P220826

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