AutoCount Reverse Journal Troubleshooting: Some transaction details not shown in Reverse Sales Journal Posting

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Question : An invoice contains 3 detail lines, but in Reverse Sales Journal Posting, it shows only 1 detail line. Why?

Possible Reason (1) :

Some of the detail lines were posted to journal.

Solution (1) :

View the transaction, if it was posted, JDocKey and JDocNo will be assigned.

Possible Reason (2) :

The journal date set in the Reverse Sales Journal Posting is earlier than BDate in the Invoice.

Solution (2) :

The reverse journal posting will follow the date stated in the column ‘BDate’.

In this case, the BDate for the 3rd detail line is after the date selected in Reverse sales journal posting.
So it will not appear until 15/04/2020.

If you change the Journal Date (in Reverse Sales Journal Posting) to 15/04/2020 and click on Apply, the 3rd detail line will be shown as well.

By : Azirah 180402, Lay Swan 200331, P200331

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