AutoCount Stock Control Application: How to connect to server database

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Question : I have installed Stock Control Plugin, how to connect to server database?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

1) First, double click on StockControl.exe and click on Connection.

2) Key in the following information: -

Conn.ID : Default (Leave it as Default and do not remove it)

IP Address : Key in your server IP address

Port No : Key in SQL Port Number

DB Name : Key in your AutoCount database name (Example : AED_DATABASENAME)

User ID : SQL Server User name (Leave it empty if you use AutoCount default sa password)

Password : SQL Server Password (Leave it empty if you use AutoCount default sa password)

Then, click on Check Connectivity to check if the connection is successful.

3) If the details are correct, it will show Connection successful. Then click on Save.

By : Jia Zheng 200312, Lay Swan 200312, P200313

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