Balance Sheet Statement

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Balance Sheet Statement

This is to view/print Balance Sheet Statement.

Go to G/L > Balance Sheet Statement

Date: define the date as at..

Report Title: (first row) '#Company' means the company name as maintained at Company Profile; (second row) '#EndDate' means the Date you have defined at the top of this screen.

Save Criteria: to save the report criteria for future use.

Load Criteria: to select and load from earlier saved criteria.

Report Format

Formats available are as below:


Show up to level: to show multi level G/L accounts up to maximum 20 levels.

Debtor level: to show multi level debtor accounts up to maximum 4 levels.

Creditor to level: to show multi level creditor accounts up to maximum 4 levels.

Show Account No.: to show account number of each ledger account

Show Zero Balance: to include accounts with zero balance

Use 2nd Description: to show the 2nd row of account description instead of the first row

With Percent: to show the percentage of each amount under a column '%'

Show amount in parent acc.: to show total amount in each parent account when Show Multi Level Accounts is on. If unchecked, an additional row will be inserted after the last sub-account to show the subtotal.

Use Account Type Level: this function is to show up to level based on Account type. Need to tick 'use account type level', then it will based on the Account Group Level (other settingsSet Account Group) to show sub-account level.

Sort By Account Description: to sort account description by alphabet

Use Old Calculation for Months Columns: this function is used to show the accumulated amount as at … if this is uncheck, it only will show the amount of the month. (only for months comparison report)

Advanced Options...

Header: to show Page Number, Date & Time, and User ID on the report header

Number Style: option to round up to 10, 100, 1000, or 10000; option for format of negative amount; option to show decimal.

Text Styles: define separately font and color for the components of the report.

Paper: to set the width and height of printing paper. (e.g. 2159 unit = 215.9 mm)

Margin: to set the margin of left, right, top and bottom (e.g. 127 unit = 12.7 mm)

Column Width: to set the width of the columns of Number, Acc No, Percentage and Description (e.g. 230 unit = 23.0 mm)

Account Indentation: to set the indentation of sub-accounts

Row Height: to set the height of rows

Auto adjust column width and font size: to make auto adjustment according to paper size

Show Currency Symbol: to show the symbol currency

Reset: to use the default setting

OK: to save the setting

Cancel: to cancel changes and return to previous screen (same as pressing Esc button on your keyboard)

Click on Preview,

Click on the amount of any account.

A Transaction Drill Down screen will be prompted, listing the transaction entries that contributed to this amount.

Double click on any of the entries will drill in to the source document.

This report type allows user to define and arrange the columns of months, quarters, years, fixed date range and expressions. User may also define the projects/departments involved, show percentage or show the budgeted amount.

To use this, you need to first enable the module of Advanced Financial Report at Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Further elaboration refer to Custom Column at Profit and Loss Statement.

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