Bank Giro TroubleShooting: Giro Payment tab not shown in Cash Book Payment Voucher

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Question: When I create normal cash book payment voucher, why is the Giro Payment Setting tab not shown?

Possible Reason :

The payment method you have chosen does not use Giro Payment Bank. Or this payment method is not assigned with any GIRO Payment Bank.

Solution :

Make sure you have selected the correct payment method. If the payment method is CASH (without Giro Payment Bank), then the Bank Giro Setting tab will not show.

If the payment method is correct, then please go to General Maintenance > Payment Method Maintenance, edit the related payment method and assign a GIRO Payment Bank. Then fill in all related bank information.

Now, the Bank Giro Setting is shown when you select the related payment method.

You may click on the tab to fill in the beneficiary bank information.

By: Lay Swan 220624, P220627

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