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Change Item UOM Rate

This menu allows you to change the rate of multi UOM. Particularly for users to correct mistakes of UOM rate.

The module of Basic Multi UOM or Advanced Multi UOM must be activated in order to use this feature.

Access rights is needed for user to run this feature. To set the access rights, go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance > Access Rights, look into Root > Tools > Change Code > Change Item UOM Rate.

Example :

There are 3 UOM: PCS, PACK, BOX

1 Pack = 6 PCS

1 BOX = 24 PCS

The following screen (Stock Item Maintenance) shows that UOM rates are wrongly set:

If you try to modify its UOM rate here, the following message will be prompted:

To change UOM rate:

Go to Tools > Change Code > Change Item UOM Rate

Click on Change so that all related transaction will be updated accordingly.

Run the stock recalculation at Tools > Recalculate Stock Costing to make sure the costing is updated as well.

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